Accento Music School (located 2 minutes walking distance from Ashfield railway station), focuses on fostering the individual’s ability in music learning. At Accento Music School, we believe that the development of creative skills at all ages is vital for personal development and expression. The different capabilities that our students learn under our tuition will prove valuable throughout their lives.

Songkyu Kim
(Guitar – Classical, Acoustics, Electric)
Qualification: Master of Music

Song Kyu Kim Graduated Baesuk University in Korea with Master of Music. Since 1994, he performed as a Bass guitarist in many famous bands, singers and Orchestras, recorded many albums as well as touring many countries. As a sound director and Producer, he produced lots of music such as “making Mr. Um Chief” “Moon PD’s Butter Pronunciation School” etc. He also composed, produced, recorded bass, design sound for all Samsung Mobile Works

Samsung Wave

Samsung Galaxy S